Mike Wozniewski
programmer, designer, technologist

Selected Work & Collaborations:

Papercade (2014)
Mobile game for creating & sharing interactive stories. Hololabs. www.papercade.com ➮
Phonophotopia (2014)
Outdoor art installation. Collaboration with NFB, Quartier des Spectacles, Kid Koala
Press kit ➮
Farrago (2012)
Augmented reality creation tool for iOS
www.farragoapp.com ➮
L'Espace des donateurs (2012)
3D sponsor wall with live web backend, installed at Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
McLuhan's Massage Parlour (2012)
Immersive 3D installation for dome

SPIN Framework
Open source software framework for networked 3D visualization spinframework.org ➮

Open source 3D audio extensions for Pure Data
software info & download ➮
Life as a stem cell (2012)
Interactive multi-screen installation. Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital, Montreal.
Ball Jam (2011)
Volumetric audio composition and performance

Posture : Paris - Montréal (2011)
Immersive telepresence installation. Paris ↔ Montreal

You Are Here (2011)
Immersive navigable environment
www.youarehere2011.info ➮
Breaking the Ice (2010)
Immersive telepresence game, installed in Montreal and Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Project page ➮
Audio Graffiti (2010)
Multi-user music installation
Project page ➮
Clickable Space (2009)
Mixed reality system prototype
Project page ➮
Ménagerie Imaginaire (2009)
Shared virtual music environment
Project page ➮
Sound Park (2008)
Outdoor (GPS-controlled) multi-player audio game Project page ➮
4Dmix3 (2007)
Multi-player immersive audio installation Project page ➮
Audioscape (2007)
Virtual reality system for interactive audio performance audioscape.org ➮